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Introducing The Page Turner: Spinks’ Niche

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~ Sydney J.Harris

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” but books have served as my window to the world.  They have always been there to comfort me, one page at a time.

Who is Notorious Spinks?

I’m a Blogger, entrepreneur, public relations specialist, social media maven, certified book whore and proud aunt to seven nieces, two nephews and two great-nieces.  Of all those things I’m most proud to be an aunt.  You can usually find me spoiling holding the babies in one hand with a book in the other.

The author who influenced me the most?

Hands down, Eric Jerome Dickey.  I read my first EJD novel when I was 17-years-old, Sister, Sister.  Don’t ask me what the book was about because I can’t tell you but I remember how my heart raced as I read his bio.  EJD grew up in the same neighborhood as me and we graduated from the same high school.  His success gave me reassurance that I really could do anything I wanted to do.  He made it out and I could too…

Now my favorite author is Zora Neale Hurston.  Baby I love me some Zora.  Her gumption is unmatched.  Like Zora I don’t mind giving my two sense on any issue or injustice.  *In my Bone Crusher voice* Cuz I ain’t never scared. Sometimes you just have to speak up and out.  My favorite writing from her is a letter she wrote to the editor of the Orlando Sentinel in 1955 entitled, “Court Order Can’t Make the Races Mix.”  This work from Zora continues to fuel my fire when I speak out about issues that are unpopular.  But I’m not in this to win the popularity contest either.  Shole ain’t.

What is Spinky reading?

I’m reading Leaving Atlanta by Tayari Jones.  It is set in Atlanta during the child murders and told from the viewpoint of a child.  So far I love it because it’s a fresh perspective on a true event as Jones was a student in Atlanta while the murders were happening.  The review will be up soon.

So if you’re looking for the Notorious One you can find me on my soapbox over at Notorious Spinks Talks.  I’m usually talking books, brands, culture and events while doing the dougie.

Until next time Spinkys.